Friday, January 4, 2013

I promised all my friends and relations that I would mention them in my posts. Since I don't actually have any I will refrain from making any of the latter up, and simply say hello to the 50,000 gibbering natives of Ishpeming who think I am god.

I like the current political setup, where the GOP does the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and then blames Obama, who simply smiles seraphically, as is his wont. This is actually just a test too. I will do more serious blogging when I get my blogometer assembled and calibrated. Until next time, keep those cards and letters coming in.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

As I sit here wondering how I got here so fast, remembering so little, and forgetting so much, another thought surfaced in the shallow pool of my mind. I had, in an idle moment, looked up "dispensationalism" in Wikipedia, and was stunned by the size of the entry, the amount of detail provided, and horrified at the world view thus presented to me. If you doubt me on any of these points I urge you to look it up yourself, and possibly follow all the other offered links to even less likely topics. I was wondering if, had the human race spent 1% of the mental effort exerted on theology in the pursuit of science, we would now be on the planet just discovered circling Alpha Centauri. Just an passing thought.